Event Photography

TEAM, EVENT SPECIALISTS. Last year, the professionals at Digital Designs photographed over 8,000 kids, posing them on-location for sports, dance and special events all across East Texas.

Owner John Jackson has specialized in team and event photography for the past 18 years. He has captured visual memories for youthful participants in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball and dance, all to the delight of family, friends, coaches and instructors.

Backed by his over 20 years of photo experience, John insists that the photographers who assist him are also professional grade as are the cameras and lenses they use. His goal is to deliver “the best quality around” with every job undertaken by Digital Designs.

IN-HOUSE PHOTO PROCESSING. We operate an in-house photo lab. This means we control quality from shot composition to camera click to photo print.

After shooting on location, we edit, enhancing or correcting each image as needed, using the Adobe® line of software. We then print using our professional grade Epson SureLab D3000 with archival inks and paper.

Because each step takes place in-house, we reduce handing and processing, saving time while ensuring our quality standards are met. We also assemble the trading cards and calendars in-house using our own printers, laminator and cutters.

Expect to receive your completed order within one week. During peak sports seasons, please allow two weeks for delivery.

COMPETITIVE PACKAGE PRICING. Our competitive package pricing gives you the ability to order size and quantities you can afford. At the same time, it gives the league or studio the ability to earn a larger fund-raising rebate.

League and event rebates are based on total sales that can increase depending on size of the organization and the number of sports involved during a season or year.

Loyalty rewards can include free team pictures (plus an alternate pose silly picture) for team coaches. We also gladly provide sponsors with a free team picture.

OUR GOAL IS 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We place a special emphasis on providing superior customer service. For example, misspelled names will be corrected and mailed to you within one or two days. Also, we archive all pictures in a permanent digital file so you will be able order additional pictures. We maintain files for at least five years.

As a further service, we offer our extensive photo retouch and graphics skills to create a custom graphic template for your league pictures. This can include your league logo.

Because it not a stock template, it will be unique and will be distinctive from the competition. This is a Digital Designs exclusive. We change templates each year so the look is always fresh.